Why I Read “Principles” by Ray Dalio


Here are a few of my observations as I am halfway through reading Dalio’s book, Principles.

Dreams + Reality + Determination = Success


Ray Dalio started his company, Bridgewater Associates, out of his 2-bedroom apartment. Over forty years later, Fortune Magazine says Bridgewater is the fifth most important private company in the world, and Time magazine states Ray Dalio is one of the 100 Most Influential Men in the world.

Reading the background story of his life, and seeing how his life principles developed is a fascinating journey!  Ray states most of his principles came from making mistakes and then reflecting on them. He began with the idea of embracing reality—and then dealing with it!

He concludes that meaningful relationships and meaningful work are indispensable ingredients of success—measured by any standard!

Regardless of your background, experience, or worldview, Dalio’s Principles are a must-read that we can all benefit from!