Where has Time Gone?


Today marks my 46th spiritual birthday!

Raised in a non-religious home, I attended church only once (that I can remember) prior to becoming a Christian in High School.

The family joke was that my dad should have been a preacher—because no one used the name of the Lord as much as he did! Imagine his surprise, then, when my older brother returned home stating he’d had an experience with Jesus, and was now saved! Again, as the story goes…my dad thought it was all a joke—and was waiting for the punch-line!

It was no joke: in fact, in a whirlwind chain of providential events and encounters, in a matter of days and weeks, my older brother, both of my parents, a couple of sisters—and me—had all become Christians!

I knew basically nothing about Christianity. Unchurched and irreligious—essentially, I was a blank slate. Today, I am still in the learning phase (a life-long process), and excited about Jesus, His Word, the New Covenant, and the power of the Gospel!