Welcome The Plateau

As much as the indicators of organizational plateauing, left unattended, are harbingers of bad things to come, even the best of leaders meets them from time-to-time. When you’re actually waiting for the warning light on the dashboard to start flashing, its appearance will most certainly motivate you to prompt action!

In some areas, our church is plateauing right now:

  • after 3 years of numerical growth, our attendance numbers have plateaued
  • it’s apparent our management/coaching system needs revamping: accommodating new staff positions, making sure everyone is regularly supported in their role, and setting new prayer goals
  • systems and job descriptions are required where before we relied on gifted personalities and people stepping in and doing “whatever was needed”
  • I see signs of vision-drift: some of us are embroiled in problem solving and day-to-day management concerns and energy is being depleted. Some are tired and facing the same problems they faced a year ago
  • I’ve personally given more head-space to risk-management than to risk-taking and identifying growth opportunities
  • As the apparent speed of life increases to a ridiculous pace, people are too busy, too often. Running on Empty: it is critical that the most important things in our lives are not squeezed out by the busyness we take such pride in!

What Does a Leader Do?

  • Welcome the opportunity to clarify where we really are—and explain why staying here is a very bad idea!
  • Paint a clear, compelling picture of God’s preferred future for us!
    Return to our first love, turn up our own spiritual temperature—and focus on being filled-up with Jesus so we can overflow to others!
    Remind everyone why we are in the business of reaching those far from God, and developing passionate Jesus followers!
  • Challenge and invite everyone to follow us!
    Don’t wait for things to change, or someone else to do something—if you’re a leader—you go first!
    When we go first, we give permission to others and impart courage to them to follow our example!
  • Confidently declare what God is going to do for us!
    After we make the mental and emotional commitment to step forward—then and only then will God bring the necessary provision of resources, knowledge, and/or people.
  • Clearly identify the pathway and action steps forward!
    Taking the first step is the hardest—because we don’t know exactly where we’re going. Andy Stanley says, “If you can’t be right, at least be clear!”


The plateau is the place that you as a leader get to initiate action and light a spark of change. Don’t despise the plateau experience; embrace it. Go first in zeal, passion, and determination!

Welcome the plateau!