Questions that are Unanswerable

Essentially, I was in shock with questions filling my mind!

I was driving towards London University Hospital, and thoughts were racing through my mind, as I attempted to keep my composure.

Is she going to pull through? What happens if Carrie dies? We have nine kids—what will we do if she’s gone? Will she survive this? Even if she makes it through the operation on her brain, is she going to be alright?

Earlier that day, my wife, Carrie, had suffered a massive brain hemorrhage due to an aneurysm that burst in her brain. After tests and scans in Guelph, she was rushed by ambulance to London for what would become an 8-hour brain operation.

During my drive to London, my thoughts were in overdrive rehearsing all the questions that so quickly rushed into my mind—adding to the stress and anxiety I was experiencing. Then suddenly it became quite apparent to me that none of my questions had answers!

At this point, at least, my questions were all unanswerable.

I made a simple choice—a choice that I might now actually categorize as a leadership decision! I decided that I would not give another moment stewing over unanswerable questions. To continue to fret over them would simply compound my anxiety and make things worse. I decided to turn my worries—and questions—into prayers, and fix my mind on hope.

Here we are, six years later—almost to the day—celebrating God’s goodness and Carrie’s health!

Are you entertaining questions that really have no answers? Don’t give them any mind-space! They will lead you down a path you don’t want to go on. Fill your mind with prayer and the hope that will encourage you.