The Discipline Thing

Discipline seems to be something few people want, and yet everyone needs!

From a Christian perspective, self-discipline is the act of restricting ourselves from habits or actions that others freely engage in, and/ or, committing ourselves to a course of action that others do not engage in.

Discipline is the dynamic of letting God’s Spirit in us determine what our mind, emotions, and body are going to do! Although self-discipline can never save us or make us more acceptable to God, it certainly can makes life easier for us!

I need help with discipline as much as the next guy, but I find that when I do restrict certain freedoms life gets easier for me, personally, and also helps those who might be influenced by my life. The big thing here, is recognizing God’s grace is available to give us the power and the desire to apply disciplines to our lives (Philip. 2:13 (NLT) For God is working in you, giving you the desire to obey him and the power to do what pleases him.)

Here Are Some Self-Disciplines That Help Me and Will Help You (this is obviously written more for the guys):

• I make myself accountable to another man (my own, personal pastor) who will ask me about my personal life, habits, and areas of concern or temptations (specific to me). We meet every other week.

• I pray most days each week (with my prayer partner(s)). Doing things like praying with others makes it is so much easier to exercise discipline in other areas as well.

• I have people in my life who have an open door—a perpetual invitation—into my life to come to me, and inquire if they feel something is amiss, or going wrong in my life. (And, of course, I am married—so my wife just might have an opinion on my disciplines—or lack thereof!) Because so many Pastoral Failures Stem from Moral Failures—and because so much is at stake as a pastor, and as a father—here are a few practical ways sexual discipleship could look:

• I have robux taken and highly recommend the Valiant Man course!

• I have the internet accountability software, Covenant Eyes, on my laptop computer, which blocks all questionable sites, as well as records every site I visit on the web (and besides this, the church computer system has a high degree of filtering to block all questionable websites anyway). My wife receives the entire record of web history through this program weekly, with site rankings also. Blocking specific, requested sites is another feature of Covenant Eyes.

• Carrie and I talk about sex and sexuality with each often! When we converse together openly, with humility, we limit the devil’s ability to get any foothold in our marriage relationship. We both know this is a premier area of conflict—and we want the best marriage we can have! We both also know how much we need Jesus to help us!

• We make ourselves available to counsel couples and individuals with problems, write articles, answer submitted questions related to marriage issues, and try to practice what we preach! (see our site: ) Guys, maybe some of these things apply to you too. If so—and if you haven’t already—let me encourage you to commit yourself to some of these disciplines and take action today.

Disciplines are never easy, but godly disciplines for the right reasons (to follow Jesus and please Him!) will make life richer and fuller!