No-Default Living Book

I am very excited to announce the completion of a six-year project: the publishing of my new book: No-Default Living: Pursuing God’s Great Dream for Your Life!

This book is the result of serious self-reflection concerning many areas over many years. My conclusion? Too often, I allowed circumstances, other people’s opinions, and even my own procrastination to determine outcomes that should have been a result of my deliberate, thoughtful choices. Instead, they were by default.

I lived a life largely determined by default.

When we understand that God has a preferred future in mind for us (in fact, He has plans! Jeremiah 29:11) we can then invite Him into every area of life and anticipate He will direct us! is one tool I use to help encourage others in areas of leadership. Now, my book No-Default Living: Pursuing God’s Great Dream for Your Life examines 11 other specific areas of life. Through practical ideas and real-life examples, we are equipped to live a No-Default life!

Look around you! The world needs leaders more than ever before—so live a no-default life and lead the way! You’ll be surprised how many will follow. (Preface, No-Default Living)

Order your copy today and start taking steps toward God’s Great Dream for Your Life!

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