Making Memories


I recently attended a retirement party for a good friend of mine; in fact, my friend and I started our teaching careers at the same time. I moved on to another vocation, while my friend—older than myself—remained in education, and has now just retired.

Attending this event was eye-opening on a number of levels:

  • With over thirty-five years in the classroom teaching students and relating to parents, I bet there was plenty of ammunition for a decent “roast-the-teacher” spectacle, but there was none of that.
  • Without exception, the memories shared by former students focused on my friend’s clear and pronounced love for his students, his excitement in learning, and his passion for God.
  • Some people talked about how a specific comment made to them years earlier in the classroom still resonates with them today and has benefited their lives.
  • One mother and her 20-something son both spoke of their shared experiences of being students in my friend’s class—in different generations. Both are better people because of it.


When my friend started teaching so many years ago, I’m sure he gave absolutely no consideration to the kinds of memories people would have of him in over three decades in the future!

Interesting, isn’t it?

We are making memories for someone every day!