Leaders Go First

Although it is not a new concept, and certainly not original to me (check out similar thoughts in Andy Stanley’s book, Next Generation Leader) potential leaders need to acquire this leadership trait soon on in their journey! Actually, going first is the very definition of leadership.

There are many times when we face unsettling circumstances and bad news. During those critical times the people in the organization or enterprise we are leading may be worried, fearful, apprehensive, and nervous. This is the very environment when leaders are most effective: they use the present uncertainty to define their version of the reality of now in terms of their vision of the preferred future of the organization. Out of the chaos of circumstances they rescript clarity of purpose and provide the why.

As Simon Senek states,the why of the organization is paramount and the leader rallies the troops to understand why stopping is not a consideration, why failure is not an option, and why everyone must go forward together.

The leader steps forward first and says, follow me!