Keys to Influence Part 2: Overcoming Shame

Recently I attended a number of seminars given by Thomas Rauchenstein as he presented his research about shame and its impact, along with reflections on his personal journey of overcoming shame. Shame is an issue all of us need to deal with.

False shame is an attack on my worth as a person; it sends a message to me telling me I am not worthy to be loved and valued. To identify some of these areas of shame, and discover what the truth of God’s Word says about me and my worth is liberating!

I am a much better leader when I am able to deal with my insecurities! Insecurity itself, though, is rooted in shame. I discovered that I don’t have to succumb to insecurity because I know what my Father in Heaven thinks about me!

Overcoming shame and its insidious effects on so many areas will have profound impact on our leadership capacity and the influence we carry with others.

Want to increase your influence? Work on overcoming shame.