What Do You Do When All Hell Breaks Loose?

When cataclysm comes knocking and there’s little time to even think how to react, what do you do?

What if:

  • Your child is diagnosed with an incurable disease
  • Your spouse tells you he wants a divorce
  • You receive news that your job is terminated and there is little chance of re-employment
  • Your doctor tells you that you have 3 months to live
  • Your business is failing and personal bankruptcy seems inevitable
  • You’re evicted with no place to live


Receiving news like this may, in fact, be of a different order of magnitude than anything you’ve personally faced before. Yet, we all face circumstances of different kinds that can shake us emotionally and mentally when we’re not prepared.

What did Jesus do when the certainty of Calvary finally loomed before Him?

  • He reached out to friends (Matthew 26:36) “Sit here while I go over and pray…
  • He reached out to God, by praying (Mark 14:35-36) “…He began to pray…Abba, Father!…”


If the Saviour of the world, the very best of men, needed closeness with friends and God—so do we!
We were never meant to walk through life’s calamities alone.

Here’s your Prep List:

  1. Who are your closest friends?
    Intentionally cultivate relationships and build trust to enlarge your circle of friends; we all need them.
  2. Nurture your relationship with God.
    Understand your acceptance and closeness with the Lord is not through your efforts—but because of His efforts! Find a great grace-filled church that will help you with your walk with God.