Enter The Dream

A dream from God could be defined as the preferred future He desires us to experience.
Unlike our dreams—that may be little more than fanciful wishes and unrealistic aspirations— God’s dreams represent what could happen if we let Jesus have His way with us!

I am convinced that Jesus has a dream and a plan for YOU in this coming year! Think of it for a moment: what would your life be like at the end of 2016 if you yielded to God’s will every single day of the coming year?!
However, every dream needs a plan!
It has been said, “A dream in the heart without a plan in the head does not produce reality in the hand.” (Paul Scanlon)
To enter into the future God desires us to experience in 2016, we must discern the plan needed to bring us into this preferred future. You can be sure that the plan Jesus has tailor-made for you is super-specific to your life circumstances and to who you are. That being said, here are a few common elements of God’s plan that will be a part of the plan He has for all of us:

i. Go over-board in your love for Jesus, and in expressing appreciation for all He has done.
ii. Recognize His scandalous grace makes you perfect in Christ and lovely in His sight.
iii. Understand that your greatest need is not to be loved—it is, in fact, to love others!

To Enter the Dream Jesus has prepared for you in 2016, there will be many things He speaks to you specifically. However, if you will just begin your adventure with these three, simple ideas—and put them into practice everywhere you can—I guarantee a year ahead of you that will be unlike any other—God’s preferred future, and your best year, yet!