What Makes an Effective Leader?

A predisposition represents your natural bent, your primary inclination—what you tend to do or think or say, or how you tend to act. 

Some people are worriers or complainers, others are kind, some are entertaining, and a few others have a disposition of gratitude.

Effective leaders are occasionally thought of as possessing some qualities characterized in the following descriptions.

  • Philosophers ponder
  • Intellectuals think
  • Academics study
  • Artists create
  • Visionaries dream
  • Prophets predict
  • Historians remember
  • Analysts evaluate

Although a truly great leader is a composite of all 8 of the previous attributes, the one that best summarizes, clarifies, and even characterizes leaders is not found in this list. 

In fact, leaders may miss a few of these listed. qualities and still be able to exercise exceptional leadership. That one missing attribute is critical to any valid definition of a leader.

Fundamentally, Leaders Act—they know how to cast vision, describe a preferred future, and initiate change.

Every other skill referenced earlier is wonderful, needed, and coveted by many. It is the job of leaders, however, to Act!