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  • What Makes an Effective Leader?

    What Makes an Effective Leader?

    A predisposition represents your natural bent, your primary inclination—what you tend to do or think or say, or how you tend to act.

  • Legacy and Influence

    Legacy and Influence

    Maybe it’s my age.  Perhaps it’s simply the dawning of a new realization. Regardless of the origin for this motivation and drive, the need for establishing legacy is taking center stage for me. My ancestry is very blurred: I knew my maternal grandmother, but met my grandfather only once or twice before he died—all prior…

  • Are You Disconnected From History?

    Are You Disconnected From History?

    Social scientists tell us that one of the unique characteristics of Western culture in our generation is an increasing disconnection with our history and heritage. Those connections used to provide a sense of identity, a sense of participation in a type of cultural legacy that informed personal identity and sense of belonging. Coupled with the…

  • Understanding Yourself

    Empowered leadership has three critical components—included in my website’s byline: Understand Yourself. Influence Others. Lead the Way Influencing and leading come naturally for many of us: to some degree, it seems to happen automatically with those with some inherent leadership skills. The difficult part is understanding yourself. Recently, I was making a presentation to a group…

  • Making Memories

    Making Memories

    I recently attended a retirement party for a good friend of mine; in fact, my friend and I started our teaching careers at the same time. I moved on to another vocation, while my friend—older than myself—remained in education, and has now just retired. Attending this event was eye-opening on a number of levels: With…