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  • The Gospel in Chairs

    The Gospel in Chairs

    In this video presentation, there are 3 parts: I begin with a short and simple version of the Gospel story. Two theological points about the nature of God, and a Biblical review of some of our commonly-held misconceptions are examined. I conclude with a more robust and Biblical portrayal of the Glorious Gospel! Thanks to…

  • The Last 10% of The Grace Message

    The Last 10% of The Grace Message

    Grace is the true Gospel! It is scandalous, and it is personified in the person of Jesus! It is the revelation of grace that changed my life and became the framework upon which my understanding and experience rest. Since we live in a culture that evaluates our worth based on performance and what we do…

  • Grace-Based Leadership: Hiring Staff

    Grace-Based Leadership: Hiring Staff

    Recently, a friend of mine leading a small charity (small only in staff size, huge in terms of impact!) inquired about the rubric I used when assessing potential staff hires. In our organization, staff is everything: we will succeed or fail based on our staff! We have both paid staff and volunteer staff … though…