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07 Oct

Welcome The Plateau

As much as the indicators of organizational plateauing, left unattended, are harbingers of bad things to come, even the best of leaders meets them from time-to-time. When you’re actually waiting for the warning light on the dashboard to start flashing, its appearance will most certainly...

10 Apr

Levels of Leadership in Acts 1-7: Part 2

Part 2: Fathers Developing as Leaders Going to the next level of fatherhood, involves applying these same leadership steps from Acts 1-7 to fatherhood Acts 1: Fatherhood is about the Call and Commission The call is the sober realization that God has a destiny for our life. Commissioning...

09 Feb

The Greatest Test of a Leader

Not wanting to sound too dramatic, may I simply say that I have known, worked with, observed and studied, or rubbed shoulders with some extremely terrible leaders as well as some absolutely excellent leaders! May I also be quick to say that my appreciation and...