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09 Sep

Questions that are Unanswerable

Essentially, I was in shock with questions filling my mind! I was driving towards London University Hospital, and thoughts were racing through my mind, as I attempted to keep my composure. Is she going to pull through? What happens if Carrie dies? We have nine kids—what will...

04 Jan

Grace-Based Leadership: Hiring Staff

Recently, a friend of mine leading a small charity (small only in staff size, huge in terms of impact!) inquired about the rubric I used when assessing potential staff hires. In our organization, staff is everything: we will succeed or fail based on our staff! We...

01 Dec

Enter The Dream

A dream from God could be defined as the preferred future He desires us to experience. Unlike our dreams—that may be little more than fanciful wishes and unrealistic aspirations— God’s dreams represent what could happen if we let Jesus have His way with us! I am convinced...

14 Nov

The Leadership Course Experiment

A few months ago, a team of us designed a 9-week leadership course with an in-class component and a guest-speaker component. During the in-class time we focused on Andy Stanley’s book, Next Generation Leader, and followed with our Speakers’ Forum that featured a 45 minute...