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Author: Jim

05 Feb

Invest and Invite

Invest and Invite. The Antidote to Selfishness! Life can be self-absorbing: no doubt about it! Normally, it doesn’t take long before everything in our little world is about us and ours…not so intrinsically bad until it is exclusively about us and ours. Most often, this happens by...

05 Jan

The Leadership Spectrum

A spectrum can be defined as a continuum of characteristics over a range of distance or time. We rarely refer to leadership in reference to a spectrum or continuum unless, of course, we’re talking about something like 360 degree evaluation (which involves our supervisors (above), our...

20 Dec

Shortcuts in Life

There are hundreds of time-saving, money-saving, and stress-reducing short cuts available to make life better for all of us. We’d be foolish not to look for them and use as many of them as possible! Let there be no question, though, that the most important...

04 Nov

The Discipline Thing

Discipline seems to be something few people want, and yet everyone needs! From a Christian perspective, self-discipline is the act of restricting ourselves from habits or actions that others freely engage in, and/ or, committing ourselves to a course of action that others do not engage...